Visual Storyteller, Multimedia Journalist
I’m a visual storyteller specializing in both photo and video media.  I excel in filming, editing and conceptualizing stories.
Telling a story, one frame at a time, one shot leading into the next and sequences forming a narrative in the timeline is what makes me click.
I have a passion for deciding what should contribute to a story and how to best tell a story visually. Creating an informative and cohesive experience for viewers is the foundation for how I work. 
I thrive on working through the unique challenges that each medium brings. Whichever medium I’m working with, whether it be audio, video, or photos — I love writing and scripting a detailed and in-depth story.
My passion started with photographing the rolling green hills of the East Bay Area, California. I’m a MU Journalism 2020 graduate and love to chat about my thought process when it comes to shooting video or taking photos. 
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